Benji & Megan – Huntington, WV Wedding

When a friend asks me to photograph their wedding, I am immediately both honored and nervous. I always want to do a good job for my clients – but clients who are also friends? That is some serious pressure (self-imposed, I might add). In this case, not one, but two friends were marrying each other. So I called in backup with my friend Seth who is an amazing photographer in his own right, and we had a blast shooting Megan and Benji’s wedding.

I met Megan over bowls of soup at Panera years ago when I was sort of informally interviewing her to babysit my kids on occasion while I worked. Rumor had it she was pretty much the best babysitter ever (true!) and so I scooped her right up. A disproportionate amount of these blog posts were likely published while Megan were here looking after my little ones. Over the years, I grew to appreciate Megan more and more, as she is certainly one major reason I maintained my sanity through those toddler years. And then as my kids grew up, Megan and I grew to be close friends.

I also knew Benji from church, and found his sense of humor especially, well, humorous, and his kind heartedness and talent endearing. And so when he expressed interest in Megan my husband and I secretly cheered them on (and less secretly encouraged Benji to ask her out already!). They are incredibly well suited for each other, and so kind and considerate, I was thrilled when they got engaged.

So here we are – with a beautiful January wedding on a springlike day. It could NOT have been more beautiful. And Megan? Good grief – she was stunning. I cry tears of joy at every wedding I shoot, but this day I cried 11 times. I’m just so, so happy for you both! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the opportunity to capture your amazing day.

And as always, don’t miss the extra sneak peek photos in the video at the bottom of the post. 

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Megan Fry and Benji Taylor’s Huntington WV Wedding, and Big Sandy Civic Arena Reception. 

Ryan & Christine’s Ritter Park Rose Garden Wedding – Huntington, WV

Christine and Ryan are pretty much a dream to work with. Yep. I could tell that from their engagement session this past fall that they were made for each other, and had great chemistry even when the camera was around. What I didn’t know is that their families would be the most enthusiastic, dance-til-you-drop group I have ever seen in all my years as a wedding photographer. SO much fun to spend the day with them. And Christine is now stepmother to two amazing kids, which I had to admit made me teary-eyed at least a couple times throughout the day because of how much I appreciate and love my own stepparents. The weather was perfect (ok, maybe a bit humid – but PERFECT for photos), Christine looked radiant, Ryan has the best smile, the family (grandma included) even choreographed danced  to Thriller, and while I could go on gushing profusely about how much I enjoyed being there, I’m just going to let the photos prove how amazing this wedding was, ok?

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Lauren & Justin’s University of Charleston, WV Wedding

Lauren and I have been acquaintances since we were kids – we’ve spent at least ten Thanksgivings together. We share an uncle, you see. My aunt is married to her uncle, so we usually catch up during various family gatherings once or twice a year. So when she got engaged and asked if I might be interested in photographing her wedding, I was thrilled. I met her and Justin for dinner at Pies & Pints – the restaurant where they had their first date and where we did part of their engagement photos later, and liked him right away. I could see why Lauren was head over heels for this polite, smart, fun guy. And he was obviously just as crazy about her.

Lauren and Justin warned me that their day would be fun, and that was an understatement. In fact, their ceremony was the most lighthearted and funny I have attended.  And the reception was no different – from the minute DJ Nick Scott played the first fast song, their entire families were out on the dance floor and remained for nearly the entire evening.

Lauren and Justin – thank you. Thanks for having me document your engagement and wedding day. I hope this sneak peek brings you a little bit of happiness as you are coming home from your amazing honeymoon. Your tropical Instagram photos had me a little jealous – but you both deserved the break. And just make sure to keep dancing and laughing, and the two of you will get along just fine for a long, long time to come.

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Dustin & Meghan’s Huntington, WV Wedding

Dustin and Meghan dated for seven years. (That’s a while!) They had planned on a shorter, but still reasonably long, engagement – until it worked out in their schedules to get married this October. So in the middle of the summer Meghan decided to plan a wedding in three months – all while living out of town. Let’s all give Meghan’s mom a virtual hug right now.

Lucky for me, Meghan had heard about me from a couple friends, and when we met to talk about photos I liked her right away. You know what else I liked right away? Her engagement ring. It is stunning. I don’t even have words for how much I like it (nice work, Dustin.)

Because they both lived out of town, and because of the tight timeframe, I didn’t actually get to meet Dustin until the day of the wedding. He was so incredibly friendly, and I think he may have hugged everyone at the wedding. And I will always appreciate a groom who tears up when he sees his bride for their first look. And I will love him forever when he tells me to NOT photoshop out his red eyes in the photos. (See exhibit A below for a similar scene when she walked down the aisle).

This wedding could NOT have been more fun, including complete enthusiasm from the wedding party for portraits. They were the best.

Dustin and Meghan – I don’t even know how to say thank you for having me document your wedding day. It was a complete joy. I hope you enjoy your sneak peek.

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Brandon & Ashley’s Burnsville, NC Wedding

I’ve known Brandon for a few years. He’s thoughtful, driven, and cares deeply about his community. So much so, that upon completing graduate school he founded a non-profit organization in Southern West Virginia to help bring job opportunities and training to underserved communities. Not your average 20-something. And Brandon was content being single. Until he met Ashley, that is.

Ashley worked for a foundation that helped fund nonprofits, so she and Brandon met through work – brought together by a love for their community and serving those communities through hard work and providing opportunities. She  is equally driven, is passionate about her work, and definitely goes after what she wants. Which, fortunately, included Brandon. After just a few dates with Ashley, Brandon was smitten. I knew he was in big (but good) trouble.

So Ashley has packed her bags and headed north to Wayne County, WV to change the world right alongside Brandon. And on the most beautiful September day in Burnsville, NC they climbed the hill on a horse farm and got married on the steps of a quaint chapel. Then we headed to the historic Nu-Wray Inn for a laid-back, fun reception to celebrate with food, drinks, cake, dancing, and plenty of laughter.

Brandon and Ashley – I could not have been more thrilled to document your day. Truly – what a gift!

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